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1118 // Day 02 Awards Night

Still here at Mall of Asia SMX Convention Center for the Awards Night of the Newest part of the Millionaires Club. Yay! So happy for all the results from our Team since most of the people i mentor are the ones who received most of the recognitions since yesterday and tonight. And i also got another Award and the only girl who got in to hit the 5M mark among those who are doing this business. That means, anyone who received the plaque are the ones who are earning on and beyond 5M in a year. Another milestone! But of course, still aiming for better results in the next ff years. I’m honestly a bit tired right now and i’m a bit annoyed about something but will just try to shake it off before this night ends, and i only got 35mins to do that. Mehehe. Good luck. Anyway, almost done with all this business shebangs and then prolly i’m all good to roam a little and go back to Davao right after. The past couple of days were tiring, to be honest and i don’t need any drama and stress right now so sorry for all the Anonymous ask that i may have answered in a way that is you know, ass. Sometimes, i just really need to draw the line.

Anyway tonight? I just wish people will stop lying to me and hurt me. I know it’s a wishful thinking but maaan i’d be damn if that happens.